Baltic Amber and Gemstone Teething Bracelet, Cognac


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Select size by measuring your ankle/wrist with a tape measure, this measurement is the diameter you need to select (See measuring guide below).

Meaning: Soothing, Healing, Positivity

Amber absorbs pain and negative energy, helping to alleviate stress and soothe bodily aches. It’s pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties support health and well-being.

Crystal: Rose Quartz
Meaning: Love, Relationships, Harmony

Rose Quartz opens up your heart for true love of self and friendship. Wearing Rose Quartz brings inner peace, clearing out stress and anger.

Crystal: Amethyst
Meaning: Peace, Serenity, Clarity

Amethyst is a calming, stress reliever that encourages inner strength and helps you become more in tune with yourself and your feelings. It repels negative energy and attracts positive energy, so this stone is great for protection.

Beads: Baltic Amber
Crystal Beads: Rose Quartz and Amethyst
Bead size: 5mm-8mm
String: Nylon
Fastening: Plastic Screw Clasp

These amber teething anklets are made from Baltic Amber, which is fossilized resin from the sap of conifer trees and this is made into beads which offer anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, antioxidant-rich and soothing properties.
The child’s body heats the amber, causing it to release oils containing succinic acid. The succinic acid gets absorbed into the bloodstream, helping to ease baby’s pain naturally.
Succinic acid itself is considered safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Care Recommendations:
Care has been taken to ensure that in the unlikely event that one of our products break, the amber beads will not scatter and become a choking hazard for children.

The string is double knotted by hand in between each and every bead, so should the anklet/bracelet (which it should if necessary), the rest of the beads will not scatter.

The string is also double knotted before each clasp fastening so no beads should come off.
They are fastened with a plastic screw clasp that is designed to break if pulled.
Not advised for children under 3 years and requires adult supervision.

All amber anklet/bracelets come with a 12 month warranty See full details here

Crystal Colour:
Your order will be custom made and very similar to the one shown, however our crystals are natural so they are all beautifully unique. The stones may contain natural inclusions and the Colour may vary slightly and will never be exactly the same as the image shown as all crystals are natural.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sending as a gift?
All items are packaged in a Nia9 gift box and include information cards about the amazing properties of your Crystal. We do not display our logo on the packaging and we do not include invoice details inside the packaging, making this a great gift to send to a friend or a loved one.

  • Ensure the fit is not too loose as it will roll over the ankle and fall off.
  • If it is too tight it will become uncomfortable.
  • Measure the child in the standing position to ensure the ankles can move with comfort when walking.
  • Measure in centimeters using a measuring tape or a piece of string and a ruler.
    You should be able to get the tip of your finger under the tape.

Please note, children between 3 and 5 years old should wear as an anklet and not a bracelet.

Step 1: Cleanse your crystal
Crystals have extensive memory; they collect thoughts, energies, and emotions from all that they encounter. When you receive your crystal, your first step should be to cleanse it of unwanted energies.

To cleanse your crystal, visualise a stream of water flowing through it or a column of golden light coming down and surrounding the stone, purifying its energies at the deepest level. Alternatively, you can place your gemstone in moonlight overnight. More ways to cleanse your crystal are listed here.

Step 2: Programme your Crystal
The purpose of programming your crystal is to focus its energies so it can assist you with your intention. This is an act of love, so take your time, connect fully, and enjoy the experience.

To programme your crystal, hold it in both hands and close your eyes. Visualise the crystal’s energy in the form of a white light that connects and merges with your energy field. State aloud your intention: what do you want the crystal to help you with? Visualise your desires in detail.

Remember, your thoughts, feelings, and visualisations are a form of energy. Use them to charge your crystal, and it in turn will help you manifest your goals.

Carry out this process often — at least once a month — to feel the powerful effects of your precious stones as they align with your intentions. Consider your crystal an almost magical mentor, guiding you and bringing you strength as you proceed along life’s journey.


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