NIA means ‘Purpose’ in Swahili

The number 9 represents many things in Numerology, The Bible and Chinese cultures. It is the number of universal love, divine completeness, peace and kindness, humanitarian, leading by example.

NIA 9 symbolises my life purpose and soul mission. This is me expressing myself, learning and growing spiritually, sending to you, good vibes, positivity, faith and love.

I create jewellery and t-shirts with positive, uplifting quotes and images. I want my designs to motivate and inspire. That’s why I love what I do. Not only do they remind the wearer but it also encourages others who cross the wearer’s path to do the same. I want to spread positivity through fashion. May these quotes and symbols stay in your powerful subconscious mind, reminding you to be kind, be happy, do everything in love, have faith and be your authentic self.

I want to share my knowledge and spiritual journey because what I am learning brings me happiness. I feel passionate about it, so I want to pass it on in faith that sharing things that work for me will bring you happiness too.

I want to be happy just like all of us. That is the one thing we can all agree on. And that to me shows that our purpose in life is to find happiness, whatever that may be to you. Happiness comes from love, so think and act in love, always do what you love and you will find the way.

I know that I am the happiest I have ever been because I realise the power of our mind and body, the beauty of nature, meditation and the energies of mother earths crystals and minerals.

I am happier because I have experienced that love is the answer, I acknowledge that we are all one and I believe in a higher power which is guiding us and helping us to remember how divine we all are.

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Love you