Crystals are life, just like humans and plants are. How? Because they have their own energy and consciousness. In this world, everything is a vibration existing on its own frequency. Crystals simple vibrate to a different frequency from us, but we can still connect with them.

Of course, crystals look beautiful: they are essentially mineral blossoms, the flowers of life. However, they are also powerful tools that must be used consciously to harness their healing properties.

The importance of energy

When we consider ourselves healthy, it’s because we have balanced our frequencies and our energy is at peace. Disease represents imbalance or a disruption to our energy. Crystals are stronger than us because they have cohesive and intentional frequencies that do not change.

It’s possible to draw benefits from the strength of a crystal, but only if you’re open to its energy. Every crystal is a healing force, and when you hold one, you interact energetically with this force. It brings much-needed balance to the energetic structures of your mind and body.

The science and history of crystals

The power of crystals has been extensively documented throughout history. They are referred to frequently in the Bible, and they were worn in the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest. They were also found in the tombs of ancient rulers in Egypt and China.

Science has also endorsed the power of crystals. All our modern technology has its roots in crystal energy transmission, and just as they have been used as silicon chips they can also be programmed with consciousness. Nobel Prize winner Marshall Vogel proved that.

There are six kinds of crystal, although you’ll find countless variations in their appearance. These categories are isometric, tetragonal, hexagonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic. An examination of their structure shows that they replicate the creation pattern.

Crystals contain silicon, an element that has the same properties of life as carbon does. In fact, the earth crust is 25% silicon, meaning that we’re essentially floating on a conscious crystal ball. This shows that the earth is a living and breathing being, a more literal Mother Earth.

How crystals can heal

What makes crystals so powerful is the fact that they contain universal energy. If you use them with the right intention, you can synthesize their energy with yours. This can help raise your vibrations to the level of love and happiness, purifying the frequencies that surround you.

However, they’re only a healing force if you’re receptive to their energy. It’s up to you: will you accept them and retune? Or will you resist their frequencies? Healing always begins from within, but crystals can provide support along your spiritual journey.

More and more of us are realising the need to rediscover this ancient wisdom. We choose to consciously use crystals to bring love, light, and insight to our lives. They are one of the most powerful physical tools we can access, since they create alchemical responses in our bodies.

As humans, we feel better when we receive external support, and we’ve found that crystals can replicate the effects of being with a trusted, loving friend. Just like friends, they have their own personalities, and we may depend on specific ones at different moments in our lives.

Key to using crystals effectively is using them consciously, with pure intentions. By researching their unique benefits and keeping them close, you too can enjoy the health, awareness, growth, and evolution that crystals promote.

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