Although we have the infinite universal energy and power inside each and every one of us, as humans we like to receive comfort from outside things and Crystals we would say are a great way to relieve that desire for comfort. Their unique energies can help you to look within, aquire understanding and assist you on your life path.

Healing has to come from within. Crystals will not magically make your life perfect (although they are magical), however Crystals are like a bestfriend who gives their energy and loving support, helping you to find yourself in your time of need.

Everything in the universe is a vibration, existing through many different variety of frequencies at once, when patterns of energy are disrupted it causes disease. Crystals have the most balanced, stable and intentional frequencies and if you embrace them and allow them to support you they can balance or raise your vibrations to encourage health and wellbeing.

This Youtube video created by Spirit Science is a great eplaination which sums up how we here at Nia9 feel about Crystals. Watch this video created by Jordan Duchnycz if you would like to find out more about Crystals.

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