Tiger Eye - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Protection, Healing, Self-esteem Do you feel drawn to harness the wild energy of Tiger Eye? This stone has a history as an ancient amulet, protecting the wearer from malevolent forces and self-sabotage. However, it also has healing properties. It’s a stone that supports people to accept their full selves, shadow and all, so they can move on from emotional wounds like guilt and shame that otherwise hold them hostage. It liberates. Tiger Eye absorbs light, bringing a warm radiance to the lives of those who carry it. That’s why this stone is especially recommended during periods of depression. It’s a useful tool for anyone struggling with poor self-image, as it’s said to increase confidence and help people overcome limiting beliefs. You’re capable of far more than you know. When you’re ready to realise your deepest, dearest dreams, that’s when you’ll hear Tiger Eye’s roar. Add fuel to the fire of your creativity by connecting with this stone. Shop our Tiger Eye Crystals ↓

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