Sapphire - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Wisdom, Strength, Serenity Power can still be soft, and Sapphire embodies that exact kind of gentle, tender strength. Because of its association with kindness, this stone is said to support the wearer to speak up for themselves in a considerate and responsible way. If you’ve struggled to assert yourself effectively in the past, Sapphire may be the perfect partner for your personality. Sapphire is known as a stone that brings protection and good fortune. It’s also invested with deep wisdom. If you feel drawn to Sapphire, it suggests you’re ready to absorb spiritual insights and evolve as a person. To prepare you for this profound process, the stone generates serenity by bringing your mind, body, and soul into balance. Expect to feel a lightness of the spirit and a focus of the mind when you connect with Sapphire. Inner peace is the path to increased understanding, and this is the stone to support you throughout that journey. Shop our Sapphire Crystals ↓

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