Red Garnet - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Love, Passion, Hope The fiery appearance of the Red Garnet brings to mind passion of all kinds. It is used to regulate anger with love. If you seek to connect with your sexual and sensual side, this stone is an excellent selection. It is said to stabilise relationships while enriching them with excitement and intensity. The passion of the Red Garnet can also translate to work success.
 Anger is so often directed inwards. This crystal helps to heal these trauma wounds by soothing pain and bringing courage and hope to complicated situations. It doesn’t just invest romantic relationships with understanding and trust; it is also known to repair the relationship with the self. Are you ready to explore new levels of intimacy? Are you ready to replace volatility with fierce commitment? Then it’s a great moment to connect with the Red Garnet. Shop our Red Garnet Crystals ↓

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