Pearl - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Love, Empowerment, Optimism Pearls promote a particularly feminine vision of strength: a nurturing, calming presence that nourishes its surroundings. A goddess lives inside every woman. Through the power of Pearl, you can reconnect with the divine feminine. You can bring love, light, and beauty to your life. 

Over time, the modern world grinds away at our mind, making us jaded. Carrying Pearl protects us from cynical, toxic energy, reminding us of our essential purity and innocence. It is said to help people see each day through the hopeful, curious eyes of a child. 
If you’re drawn to Pearl, you most likely long to live with the optimism of a beginner’s mind. Find your feminine light and bask in its warm glow by keeping a Pearl close to you.
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