Labradorite - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Clarity, Hope, Change Stress and anxiety cloud our minds; Labradorite promotes clarity. This crystal reduces tension so you can gain perspective and envision a better future. It’s a transformation stone that encourages innovation; Labradorite embraces the new, exciting ideas with the potential to change our lives and improve the world. 

As human beings, we often resist reinvention due to feelings of fear. We feel chained to the familiar even when it doesn’t serve us. Labradorite helps us let go of the past and release that which is no longer aligned with our energy. This stone brings the confidence required to release.

 Live your best life and manifest your destiny with Labradorite by your side. It is said to remove negative energies and reconnect you with your spirituality. This is why it’s the stone you need when you’re ready to pursue your true path. Shop our Labradorite Crystals ↓

Labradorite moon necklace

Labradorite Necklace, Moon

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