Howlite - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Peace, Patience, Self-confidence Howlite is a mindful stone. We are all capable of receiving deep wisdom from our higher selves and the Divine; however, first we must be prepared to accept and understand it. Howlite endows us with the qualities we need to process profound truths, such as calm, authenticity, and patience.

 This is a stone that promotes peace, detaching us from our reactive surface selves so that we can connect with our inner essence. Howlite helps us to feel comfortable with who we truly are. It brings the gift of perspective, which in turn empowers us to be more patient and empathetic. 

Howlite can be used to make sleep and meditation more restorative. It is a weapon against our worst instincts: to judge others and be selfish or full of rage. Use this crystal to better embody the best version of you. Shop our Howlite Crystals ↓

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