Meaning: Protection, Encouragement, Optimism Goldstone is known as the stone of ambition, a crystal that drives you to achieve your goals and live your dreams. Because of its copper-infused appearance, it is said to represent the light that can always be found in the darkness. It revitalises those that wear it, strengthening the determination that’s needed to proceed through difficulty and ultimately succeed over obstacles. Heal your energy field using Goldstone. This is a grounding stone that helps to cultivate emotional calm during the ups and downs of life. As it detects and repels unwanted energy, it’s considered a stone of protection, fortifying feelings of positivity and hope. If you feel drawn to Goldstone, you may be ready to manifest your potential. This crystal encourages you to take action, fulfil your true purpose, and make your fantasies reality. Shop our Goldstone Crystals ↓

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