Emerald - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Health, Wealth, Abundance An Emerald is a stone that conveys abundance. It’s strongly linked to ideas of health, wealth, and general wellbeing. Great gifts of good fortune are said to be attracted by Emerald because it is a growth crystal, conducting powerful positive energy. Its gorgeous green colour reflects the renewal processes of nature. 

 Emeralds are closely connected to the heart chakra, promoting patience and a commitment to unconditional bonds of affection. Partnerships, families and friendships can be enhanced when you connect to this stone. That’s why it’s commonly called the Stone of Successful Love.

 Are you going on a journey, whether metaphorical or literal? An Emerald is said to keep you safe as you travel. While it calms emotions, it energises and invigorates the mind, bringing clarity and balance. Shop our Emerald Crystals ↓

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