Nia9 began as a profoundly personal passion for me, and it has since evolved into my life’s work. For that reason, I’d love to share more about my own spiritual journey. This will help you understand the inspiration behind this enterprise.

My History

You should know that I began my career in the world of fashion and retail. I was always excited by beautiful objects, and I found it fascinating that people could express themselves through clothing and accessories. This fascination lies at the foundation of Nia9.

However, I was ultimately unfulfilled by this industry. Why? Because the superficiality of that world didn’t relate to what was going on within me. I wasn’t interested in chasing trends, pursuing status, and endlessly acquiring items. Instead, I wanted to pursue my full potential as a person.

Jewellery making was already my hobby, so I decided to start investing my designs with my emerging spiritual beliefs. Crystals and symbolism inspired my work, and I saw how these accessories served a purpose beyond simply looking beautiful. They were a way for people to express and connect with their deeper values. A spark was lit, and Nia9 was born.

The Name Nia9

The name Nia9 was chosen as it represented my intentions perfectly: Nia means purpose in Swahili, while the number 9 in numerology represents transitions and transformations. As the most complete number of the single digit numbers, it embodies wisdom from experience and the concept of leading by example.

I also believe that it’s my responsibility to lead by example. I have certainly gained great wisdom from my experiences. Like anyone else, I have gone through my own struggles, and I was especially affected by a serious period of postnatal depression. I’ve also suffered relationship issues and moments of deep unhappiness as a result.

What helped me through those dark times? My connection with the spiritual world, and a regular intention-setting and meditation practice that centred on crystals and energy work. By sharing the healing tools that worked for me, I believe I am channelling the humanitarian energy of the number 9: an energy that encourages compassion and strives to create the greatest good for all.

My Spiritual Journey

When I began healing myself, working on myself, and finally loving myself, my entire life changed. My perspective shifted, and I began to understand what life’s journey really entails. This was when I began building Nia9, sharing my work at fairs and fetes, and meeting likeminded people that responded enthusiastically to what I offered. Their support meant so much.

However, I knew my learning wasn’t done. In fact, the more I connected with my spiritual self, the more I realised how much was still to be explored. I began to learn about birthstones and astrology, and everything I learned I used to enrich Nia9. Every offering in my store is handmade, incorporating spiritual wisdom, and tailored to meet a specific need, whether that need be inspiration, comfort, or strength.

Although I still have so much to discover, I’ve felt a deep contentment since I started Nia9 and I’m proud to have brought it to this amazing stage already. My motivation to constantly improve my understanding is stronger because now, I’m not just learning for me. I’m also learning to improve my craft and make Nia9 products even more meaningful for my incredible community of customers.

The Mission

The world is such a wonderful place, but as human beings, we are often too lost in society’s conditioning to witness its overwhelming beauty and light. It pains me to see how reluctant we are to accept ourselves, far less the people who are hurting around us.

Having experienced the agony of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, I want to connect people with the natural resources they need to rediscover a love for themselves, the world, and other living beings.

I derive huge satisfaction from Nia9 products becoming meaningful gifts, tokens of affection that bring people together. It also inspires me to see people purchase items to support themselves in their own spiritual journeys. This commitment fuels my own.

I appreciate the importance that energy plays in how we experience the world, which is why nourish every piece with my own well wishes. Love and hope go into every Nia9 offering, so my mission is to make products that people will truly cherish.

Nia9 is my method of spreading peace and positivity and living in complete alignment with my values. I thank the people who have joined my community of customers. It brings me great comfort to see others out there that are intent on living a more conscious, centred life. I’m proud that Nia9 can support them in doing so.

Love and blessings to you.