Ruby - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Happiness, Motivation, Courage If you’ve lost your lust for life, Ruby is the stone to help you rediscover it. It is said to generate passion and motivation, so why not connect with this crystal as you work towards achieving your ambitions? Ruby clears out any stale, stagnant energy that’s blocking you from being your most dynamic, go-getting self. Ruby is associated with vitality. Keeping it close can help you to overcome exhaustion. By easing anger and soothing the wearer, it promotes feelings of cool, calm, and collected control – even in moments of high pressure. Expect to feel emboldened by this stone; it’s known to make people feel more optimistic and courageous. Tap into your sensual side using Ruby. You can experience enhanced levels of self-confidence and live audaciously in the moment when you align yourself with its zesty personality. Shop our Ruby Crystals ↓

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