Jasper Dalmatian - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Joy, Optimism, Faith Are you keen to connect with your inner child? The playful energy of the Dalmation makes it the perfect crystal for this purpose. Adult life is littered with resentments, painful memories, and negative thought cycles. Dalmation crystal can be considered a portal back to the purity of childhood, reviving the joy of those simpler, more content moments. 

While wearing Dalmatian, expect to feel greater levels of optimism and faith. It protects against those common ailments of modern life: depression, stress, and burnout. If you’re feeling down, this crystal is said to act as a powerful pick-you-up!

 The Dalmation is known as a nurturing stone for its capacity to nourish the lightness and sweetness of the child that lives within you. You’ll feel your body fill up with positive energy when you carry this crystal. Shop our Dalmatian Crystals ↓

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