Aquamarine - Nia9 Crystals JewelleryMeaning: Calming, Confidence, Courage Do you feel adrift in a sea of strong feeling, struggling to keep your head above the tide? Aquamarine is the natural choice for calming your emotional waters. Overcome sensations of overwhelm with this soothing stone. It’s a stress-reliever, said to bring serenity and to quiet the mind.   

The Aquamarine crystal promotes clarity and consciousness. If you’ve felt stuck in thought cycles or paralysed by confusion, Aquamarine will help you move forward with confidence. Carry it when you’re ready to face reality and take control of your life. You’ll draw courage from this crystal.

  When you need to resolve conflict responsibly, speak up on issues that matter, and take the next step on your path to spiritual awareness, then you need Aquamarine. Shop our Aquamarine Crystals ↓

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