I was always told as a child…”you must find a trade, a ‘proper’ career, you will never make any money dancing unless you are Beyoncé’s back-up dancer.” When really all I wanted to do was dance, it was the one thing I felt confident and happy doing, but as the insecure teenager I was I assumed the adults knew more about my ability to succeed and I listened to those scary words of advice, not realising that they were only projecting their fears onto me. So… I bounced from one thing to another, studying hairdressing, then beauty therapy, worked in pretentious fashion stores, working my way up, selling my soul. Never really feeling happy or fulfilled until my journey seriously took a turn onto the spiritual path a few years ago. I look back and see so many signs throughout my life, guiding me spiritually from a young age, however I was blinded by fear, doubt and trying to conform. Now I realise I was always destined to take this path to enlightenment and I am so grateful for my journey so far.

I still love to dance at Zumba class, parties and especially whilst at home doing the cleaning, pretending I’m in a music video! I try to do what I love whenever and however I can.

We are capable of incredible things. When we begin to do what we love, with love and belief in ourselves, the determination, passion and success come naturally.

I see fashion as a way of expressing myself and feeling good in whatever I choose to wear, not always following the latest fashion or buying designer gear, but being inspired by trends and choosing how and what I want to wear freely. I make some of my own clothes and I love a bargain.

The first business that I started was in fashion, but mainstream, up market fashion. My target audience was wealthy women who dress to impress. Now this is where I went wrong from the off, this is not me. I was doing it for the money. I was chasing money. I wasn’t doing something that I loved, I was doing something that I thought people wanted and that I assumed would create the most income. Although I am so glad I started my previous business, because without doing that I would not be where I am today with the knowledge I have now. For that I am so grateful. However, now I am so much happier. I am doing something that I truly love, something that I feel makes a difference in the world. And I have learnt so much more interesting things, met many like-minded people and have had great opportunities. As soon as I stopped chasing money and began to only do what I loved and what made me happy, then the money came, the unbelievable support was there and I feel like I have finally found my place in this world. To spread love, peace and positivity through the best way I know how. I have worked in retail and fashion nearly all of my working life and I feel like my whole life has been unfolding for this very moment and it all makes sense as to why things have gone the way they have in my life.

The one thing I know I will always do is to encourage my children to go for their dreams, be true to themselves and follow their heart, do what makes them happy whatever it is. I will support them every step of the way. I try so hard not to put my issues and limited beliefs into their heads and I will be the first to admit that it is a challenge every day. When you are conditioned to think negatively, unhealthy habits and limited beliefs aren’t easy to shake, but you let go of blame, accept them and change them, knowing every day you try is another day closer to freedom and to a more positive, happy life.

Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love T-Shirt/Dress

Love the life you live, live the life you love

Nia 9 is not just a business it is an expression of myself as I grow on my journey to living a more spiritual life.

Sometimes I’m on top of the world, and other times, I’m a stumbling mess, but I do the best I can, just like you. Learning as we go!

I believe we should share our stories and experiences, so I share the things that have worked for me and hope to help people who are also setting out on this amazing spiritual journey… This is just the beginning!

Love always,

Love Janine - Nia 9

Nia9 Jewellery - Janine

My business is my purpose (Nia). A way of expressing myself and sharing my knowledge and spiritual journey. The meaning of the number 9 in numerology reflects my mission, everything I am aiming for and everything I am achieving too. –“Nia 9”

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