I wanted to start by expressing how I feel about modern day life and society, how I keep positive and what I am doing to reach my goal of encouraging every soul to find real happiness.

I want to be happy just like all of us. That is the one thing we can all agree on. And that to me shows that our purpose in life is to grow and find happiness, whatever that may be to you. All I know is that I am the happiest I have ever been because I have found out about the laws of the universe, energy work, the power of mother earth, crystals/minerals and meditation. I have experienced that love is the answer. That we only act out of two things, love and fear and these thoughts may create our life.

Regardless of what the media shoves in our faces, the world IS a beautiful place with beautiful people, we must not fight and be fearful, we all want to be loved, and we are all one. I know in my heart there is a higher power guiding us, helping us remember how divine we all are. If only everyone in the world knew this and felt this…that is why I want to encourage people to think differently, to have faith that the universe is helping you, life is full of lessons and an abundance of things to be grateful for. Peace and love is the answer, not war and greed.

We are bombarded with negativity in the media. Our relatives, friends and even strangers can challenge your energy and this can be a struggle for many to stay positive. I will be honest and tell you that I have not remembered everything we already know inside us. I won’t give you all the answers to life, I am only now beginning to learn and grow spiritually myself, but I have faith that love always wins and I can share with you my experiences and you can take what you feel resonates with you. If you feel that something I believe in doesn’t quite sit well with you then research it or leave it. Don’t just believe everything you hear. Make your own mind up, listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition. We all have our own journeys to live and only you know which path to take.

We may not see the light, but the light is forever there keeping us on track. I have noticed that the more good I find in the world, the more proof I find. I didn’t realise how many like-minded, positive people there were out there in the world on a similar mission to mine. When you’re vibrating on a positive, higher frequency, you attract much more of it. What you look for is what you will see. The less attention I pay to the news, the less negative I see and the less fear I have towards the future. All I see now is beautiful, inspiring, caring, kind, selfless people making a difference, keeping the world balanced. Acknowledging that the world has pain, suffering and negativity and by taking responsibility for our roles as knowing human beings we can improve ourselves in order to help the situation the best way we can.

This is why I believe that the world is not hopeless, love is the answer and more and more people are awakening. There may be a lot of hurt and devastation in this world and to many the world is doomed, but I truly believe there are more conscious, loving, gods and goddesses here taking care of this world one small(or big) act at a time. I remember the days before I learnt the truth, when I thought “what’s the point, I can’t change the world by myself, one person won’t make a difference”. Oh how wrong I was…even the smallest act of kindness can influence others to do the same, which then causes a domino effect and that kindness spreads further than you will ever know. Encourage others to act in love by showing them how. World peace starts with you.

Instead of focusing on the world’s problems, give your attention and energy to trust, love, abundance, education and peace.

Fear is advertised like it’s going out of fashion and I feel that the way to change this is to advertise positivity and love. Cancelling it out, making it more balanced, which is so healthy. If I can consciously or subconsciously influence people with my products for the greater good, then I will achieve my mission. I sell jewellery and t-shirts with positive, uplifting quotes and images. I want my designs to motivate and inspire. That’s why I love what I do. Not only do they remind the wearer but it also encourages others who cross the wearer’s path to do the same. I want to spread positivity through fashion. May these quotes stay in your powerful subconscious mind, reminding you to be kind, be happy, do everything in love, have faith and be your authentic self.

Love Janine - Nia 9

Nia9 Jewellery - Janine

My business is my purpose (Nia). A way of expressing myself and sharing my knowledge and spiritual journey. The meaning of the number 9 in numerology reflects my mission, everything I am aiming for and everything I am achieving too. –“Nia 9”

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